Thursday, March 21, 2013

a nightly ritual, our trip through sunsets

When we are in Hawaii, watching the sunset is always on our to do list.  Where ever we are we make a point to get to a viewpoint and watch until the sun drops beneath the horizon.  It's amazing and peacefull and I wonder why we don't do this more often at home.

Here's a collection of sunsets from our recent trip (all untouched, taken with my iPhone 4S):

Our 1st night, taken at the Sheraton Kona Resort pool, Keauhou: 

Our 2nd night, taken at the Kona Inn Restaurant, Kailua Kona:
3rd night, taken at Kanaloa at Kona Condo Resort, Keauhou:
Our 4th night at Kanaloa at Kona, surf was up, Keauhou:

Our 5th night, as close as I got to a sunset shot.  We had a professional photo session during sunset but I was able to grab this shot.  At 69 beach, Kohala:

 Our 6th night, back at Kanaloa at Kona:

Our 7th night, we missed the sunset (for a good reason).  We were up at the volcano waiting for the sun to go down so that we could see the red glow from the magma at Halemaumau Crater, Volcano HI:

Our 8th night, taken at a overlook in Keauhou, on our way to the Kona Brewing Co. on St. Patty's Day.  Yeah... we pretty much missed this one too, but the sky was still pretty:
Our 9th night, taken at Kanaloa, Hawaii was really showing off:
Our 10th sunset, just as we were about to take off and head home, Kona International Airport:

Night Night Sun.

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