Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to be a good Seahawks fan.

There is quite a bit of office banter going around by fair weather fans, bandwagoners, haters etc.  In case you haven't yet figured it out, this is how to be a good Seahawks fan:
1. You show up to work every “Blue Friday” dressed like this.




2. Even when on vacation in Maui, you wear your jerseys on game day.



3.  You also show your game day support on the beach.




4. Even your dogs are super fans!! 









5.  No matter where you go, you rep the Hawks (on the top of the Smith Tower).



6.  This is how you travel to watch the game.

7. You match paint colors to your jersey.
8. You probably have a room in your house dedicated to the Seahawks (aka Hawks Nest):



9. During football season you only wear team colors on your nails (12thMANicure).


10. Even if it costs you $500 a year, you get Seahawks plates for all of your vehicles.


11.  You know that Richard Sherman is NOT a thug.

You mad bro?


Didn't think so.
12. Most importantly, you are a Seahawks fan ALL YEAR!!  Win or lose, Superbowl or not.